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Edition: 9th Edition
Publisher: Lexis Nexis – Universal

This book is a treatise on the subject of guarantees and indemnity. The book also comprises of forms of bonds and guarantees, making it extremely user friendly and brings out the practical aspect of the subjects dealt in the book.

The book retains its comprehensive analysis on core subjects such as the contract of indemnity, contract of guarantee, surety’s liability, laws relating to continuing guarantee, joint suretyship, discharge of surety and landmark judgements on guarantees given by different High Courts and the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The heart of the book lies in the chapter containing golden guidelines on guarantees.

In addition to the above and keeping in view evolving legislations, this revised edition includes chapters on the subject of guarantee and indemnity in the light of:

  • Blockchain technology;
  • the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code; and
  • FEMA

The manner in which blockchain is positioned to impact the process of issuance and processing of documentary letters of credit is covered in detail in this latest edition along with real-life case studies to mandate the importance of this amalgamation. The latest amendments to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and FEMA, with the aim of bolstering a new age India, are going to inevitably change the way  instruments of guarantees are viewed by the key stakeholders.

This book is a marquee consolidation of the significant laws and judicial precedents governing the issuance and enforcement of guarantees in India.

Edition: 29th Edition (4 Volumes)
Publisher: Lexis Nexis

M L Tannan Banking Law and Practice in India is a comprehensive reference work discussing the operational and regulatory aspects of banking laws. The Commentaries in Volumes 1 and 2 are arranged thematically, explaining key concepts and areas related to banking laws and provide an in-depth analysis on various aspects relating to the functioning of banks. Volumes 3 and 4 are updated with the relevant statutes.

Key Features:

  • Covers the evolution of banking laws and practices and updated with discussion on mechanism of IBC process, its challenges and achievements so far
  • Chapter on Cryptocurrency/new age digital currencies has been introduced under a more contemporary regulatory framework
  • An informative chapter has been added on the enforcement of judgments passed by the UAE Courts under a bilateral treaty with India
  • Subjects like Green Finance and ESG are incorporated and discussed
  • Discusses traditional as well as new fintech related issues pertaining to the NBFC sector including housing and various aspects related to lending to the housing sector
  • Law and practices related to SMEs and SSMEs as well as consumer banking is explained in depth
  • Updated with latest legal and judicial developments

Edition: 25th Edition 2019
Publisher: Lexis Nexis

This thematic commentary provides comprehensive coverage of operational and regulatory aspects of banking industry.

Analyses various aspects of the banking sector including (I) Credit policy, (II) Audit and inspection, (III) Dishonour of cheques, (IV) Loans and advances, (V) Guarantee, Securities, (VI) Digitalisation of banking platforms, (VII) developments in regulations relating to Non-performing asset (NPAs) Management, (VIII) introduction of e-banking services and products and practical problems pertaining to the same

Edition: 6th Edition 2017
Publisher: Lexis Nexis

This book covers historical data on banking and covers the current situations and positions in a lucid way. In addition to dealing with variety of situations which may arise between a banker and customer it deals exhaustively with all aspects of banking laws. It covers in detail the Dishonour of Cheques and Criminal Liability under the Negotiable Instruments Act, Bank Guarantees and the Law of Limitation, the Banking Law etc. as well as various statutes and important rules and regulations concerning banking. It is bound to be a valuable addition to the professionals including bankers, lawyers, chartered accountants and judges who are dealing with banking laws as well as students who have interest in this field…

Edition: 27th Edition 2017
Publisher: Lexis Nexis

This book is edited and revised by Mr. Rajesh Narain Gupta, Managing Partner, SNG & Partners. It is a comprehensive reference work discussing the operational and regulatory aspects of banking laws. The commentary in volumes 1 & 2 is arranged thematically explaining key concepts and areas such as Financial Institutions in India, Global Banking Institutions, Dishonor of Cheques, Loans and Advances, and Recovery of Debts. It provides an in-depth analysis on various aspects relating to functioning of banks. Reference to relevant RBI master circulars and allied legislation has been included to provide a holistic view. Volume 3 of the book includes all the relevant statutes and regulations with section-wise comments on the critical enactments such as Banking Regulation Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, and State Financial Corporation Act….

Edition: 1st Edition 2017
Publisher: Universal Law Publishing – An Imprint of LexisNexis

The book reviews and analyzes the landmark judgments passed by the Supreme Court of India and the 1-ligh Courts in the country on the subject of Letters of Credit, in a manner which is easy to understand and thus reader friendly. It also elucidates the circumstances and situations which lead to disputes involving Letters of Credit. The judgments are analyzed and combined with technical and operational perspectives which provide a good understanding about the legal jurisprudence on these matters in India and equally an insight as to the methodology that is consistent with ICC rules…

Edition: 25th Edition 2016 in 2 Volumes
Publisher: Lexis Nexis

This thematic commentary provides comprehensive coverage of operational and regulatory aspects of banking industry. The book analyses various aspects of the banking sector, incorporates important legislative & other developments, incorporates significant judicial decisions on key enactments, includes revised forms and latest circulars and notifications issued by the RBI and contains quick reference tables, comparative tables, illustrative figures for ease of understanding…

Edition: 7th Edition September 2014
Publisher: Universal Law Publishers

Guarantee has always remained a subject of great curiosity for the bankers as well as to a common man dealing with Financial transactions. The book is an authoritative work on the subject and contains different chapters dealing with different aspects of the subject, which are further categorised into different sections for easy access and readability…

Edition: 6th Edition 2010
Publisher: Universal Law Publishers

An excellent book by S. N. Gupta that explains the law relating to dishonour of cheques. The Chapters on Dishonour of Cheques, Rightful Dishonour, Offences and Prosecutions under Indian Penal Code, Summary Suits, Wrongful Dishonour, Statutory presumptions, Cognizability of Offence, offence by complaint and procedure under Negotiable Instruments Act have been thoroughly revised and improved with the amending provisions in the Act and up-to-date case laws…

Edition: 5th Edition 2010 in 3 Volumes
Publisher: Universal Law Publishers

First edition of the book authored by late Mr. S. N. Gupta was published in the year 1989. This latest edition having 3 volumes is edited by Mr. Rajesh Narain Gupta, Managing Partner and SanjayGupta, Senior Partner, S.N.Gupta&Co. The book makes a historical analysis on banking in India from East India company days till today and includes commentary on the Nationalisation of banks…

Edition: 5th Edition 2007
Publisher: Universal Law Publishers

Banking is the backbone of all economies the world over. And like everything that has anything to do with money, it too is prone to manipulations and irregularities. This publication contains collection of cases decided by the Supreme Court of India on Banking & Debt laws…

Edition: 2nd Edition 2004
Publisher: Bharat Law House Pvt Ltd

One of the major fears for a money lender, be it a bank or a financial institution, is the possible risk of default by the borrowers. Though such defaults could be considered as a commercial risk, the debt recovery mechanism was very cumbersome and time consuming. To provide for a speedy mechanism, separate Debts Recovery Tribunals have been constituted under the new 1993 Act. This book discusses at length the statutory provisions with support of case law from allied legislations…

Edition: 16th Edition
Publisher: Bharat Law House

Publisher: Commercial Law Publishers