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India is witnessing Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) on a large scale, both in the domestic market as well as internationally. Today, Indian corporate houses are actively targeting acquisitions outside the country. The Firm, because of its expertise in the M&A space, has handled large transactions in the areas of Real Estate, Hospitality, Food Processing, Media and Entertainment, Sports Management, Engineering Goods and Services, etc. SNG’s association with various law firms in multiple jurisdictions enables it to handle acquisitions outside the country as well.

The Firm has tremendous experience on in advising, handling definitive documentation, onshore & and offshore structuring. In a private equity transaction, the negotiations amongst the parties concerned are a regular feature. This also entails right legal structures to be adopted for investments. There are situations in which complex questions under Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)SEBI guidelines and regulations are also to be addressed. The lawyers at SNG are well equipped to handle the private equity transactions under the supervision of experienced partnersPartners. Firm also has an experienced team to carry out real estate, project, company and/or any kind of due diligence required to be undertaken in connection with the transactions. The varied exposure of the partners and team members extend to the large number of sectors including Real Estate, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Media, Infrastructure, Retail Space, etc. During the last Five five decades SNG has built a robust network through its branches and associations to carry out any kind of due diligence experience in any part ofacross India which includes the investigations to be made at the office of various Government agencies in connection with any such due diligence exercise.

Corporate Restructuring & Bankruptcy

A comprehensive process by which a company can consolidate its business operations and strengthen its position for achieving its short-term and long-term corporate objectives, Corporate Restructuring is vital for the survival of a company in a competitive environment.

The process of restructuring through mergers and amalgamations has been a regular feature in the developed and free economy nations like USA and European countries, more particularly in the UK. In India, as well, the concept of corporate restructuring is developing rapidly.

Restructuring a firm calls for expertise in a wide variety of areas that can examine all possible legal issues and to help find solutions which restore, preserve and enhance the value of an organisation.

The Corporate and Litigation team at the Firm has handled several transactions involving corporate restructuring. This includes advise, structuring, handling mergers, de-mergers, creating corporate structures, special purpose vehicles on shore/off shore, devising and advising Trust structures and overall addressing the legal & taxation issues on corporate restructuring. Corporate Debt restructuring, One Time settlement and new Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR) have been integral part of these services.

Foreign Direct Investments

SNG understands the development and changes in laws that govern Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. The Firm and its Partners are confident in providing clients with advice and support at all stages of the investment process in India, from setting up a liaison office, to a full-fledged office, to their exit.

The Firm advises its Indian clients in making offshore acquisitions in operating and trading entities in a tax efficient manner, and to harness growth opportunities available in the Asian, European and American markets.

SNG regularly handles Private Equity (PE) transactions, both domestic and international, and has dealt with a variety of sectors including telecommunications, hotel, transport, tourism and sporting facilities, banking and finance, culture, healthcare and education, real estate, Special Processing Zones (SPZs), and infrastructure.

Capital Markets and Securities

On a regular basis, SNG handles Initial Public Offers (IPOs), Rights Issues, Bonus Issues, Preferential Issues, Qualified Institutional Placements (QIPs), Public Acquisitions, Listing of Debt Instruments, Offshore Listings (Alternate Investment Markets), Custodial Services, Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Depository and the Capital Market. The Firm works closely with Investment Bankers, Merchant Bankers, Underwriters and Corporate Houses. SNG provides opinions on matters relating to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Stock Exchanges.

The Firm has assisted many foreign investors and institutions in connection with their registration as stock brokers, foreign venture capital investors and market intermediaries.


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