Stressed Assets, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practice

(Strategy and Management)


The Firm advises and handholds creditors in formulating and implementing financial restructuring strategies. This may involve business reorganization, sale of assets/business and demergers with a focus on speedy resolution of legal issues for successful implementation.



The process of restructuring through mergers and amalgamations has been a regular feature in the developed and free economy nations like USA and European countries, more particularly in the UK.  In India, as well, the concept of Corporate Restructuring is developing rapidly under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC).

Restructuring a firm calls for expertise in a wide variety of areas that examine all possible legal issues and help to find solutions which restore, preserve and enhance the value of an organisation.

The Corporate and Litigation Teams at the Firm have handled several transactions involving corporate restructuring. This includes advice, structuring, handling mergers, de-mergers, creating corporate structures, special purpose vehicles both onshore and offshore, and devising and advising Trust structures, and overall addressing the legal and taxation issues on corporate restructuring.  Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), One Time settlement and new Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR) have been an integral part of these services.



SNG works with large corporates as well as SME’s on matters connected with the regulators. This may include to be part of the process for formation of opinion as well as to reach out to regulators with a focused approach on any important issue.

We regularly advise foreign banks, NBFCs and ARCs, who have commenced business or wish to commence business, on strategy and applicable regulations including assistance in complying with legal and regulatory compliances. This includes handholding in establishing and commencing business activities as well as providing guidance on the applicable statutory requirements.

The Firm has advised NeSL, the first Information Utility Services created under the IBC. Today, the world has become flat and business requires Compliance under Domestic and International laws and regulations.

There are compelling reasons when business community needs to draw attention of the Government to the burgeoning issues which relate to their business areas. SNG assists clients in reaching out to the Regulators.