Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG)

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is today at the top of the board agenda, following SEBI mandated submission of the BRSR report for listed companies. SNG has a proficient ESG practice and we are competent to advice the financial sector, manufacturing sector, services sector, real estate sector, corporates and individuals on ESG framework including expectations of the regulators in India on BRSR.

SNG can handhold in the areas of sustainable finance and investment opportunities, energy related issues, HR including human rights to diversity and corporate governance. We have a dedicated team to advise inter alia on CSR and entities formed under the Surety Act, Public Charitable Act, S.8 of the Indian Companies Act.

SNG is also associated with You Commit, We Implement (“YCWI”) YCWI is a full-suite ESG advisory and project management Firm led by Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti and Mr. Suyash Agrawal. Significant knowledge and experience within the realm of sustainability, social responsibility and governance forms the basis of this initiative. Deep commitment to planet Earth, integrity and operating collaboratively are its core values. YCWI has a wide local and global ecosystem of ESG professionals, academicians, new-age technology Firms who are instrumental to achieving India’s commitments at the COP26 and the UN’s SDGs. Their brand is a media platform focusing on learning and information and dissemination of initiatives around ESG.

We are also closely associated with a UK based law firm which has an established practice area on ESG with focus on Clean Energy and Green Finance.