Established over five decades ago by the Late Mr. S. N. Gupta, an acclaimed banking lawyer jurist, SNG & Partners ("SNG") is a second-generation boutique law firm which has acquired an enviable reputation for sophisticated legal work in the national capital (New Delhi) and the business capital (Mumbai) of India.

In October 2014, SNG opened its first overseas branch in Singapore, and in May 2015 incorporated a law firm, International Law Chambers LLC ("ILC") at the Qatar Finance Centre, Doha.

At the forefront of a rapidly evolving Indian economy, SNG today is a full-service law firm that plays a crucial role in helping the country to play an active part in the global legal arena. With its ability to understand the business and with a solutions-based approach, the Firm is a preferred partner for providing legal assistance to banks, financial institutions, investment banks, private equity houses, real estate developers, multinationals, and corporate houses.

Enriched with ethics, acumen and integrity accumulated over more than five decades and with strong global relationships with overseas Law firms, this second generation Firm is well-equipped, with the same values, to add to the continuing legacy of SNG.

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