LexTalk World Talk Show with Ajay Abhay Monga, Partner at SNG & Partners, Advocates & Solicitors.

Lextalk Youtube | 2nd September 2022

Ajay started his career as an Individual lawyer on the civil side before joining the Firm in November 2001. He has been a litigation lawyer since then, having advised clients on various legal issues. Possessed with experience of over two decades in Legal Practice (Litigation) he has advised & represented clients in the areas of Banking, Corporate law, Human Resource, International Trade Finance, Litigation, Arbitration (Domestic & International), Insolvency & Bankruptcy Laws, Real Estate, Insolvency, Family disputes / Succession Planning, Property disputes, Foreign Exchange, Money Laundering etc. During these twenty years, he has carved out his expertise in niche practice area of Trade Finance & Alternate Dispute Resolution apart from general litigation. He regularly advises clients on various aspects of Letters of Credit, Stand-by Letters of Credits and Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, an ICC publication.

Well-experienced in handling litigation pertaining to commercial contracts relating to Banking, International Contracts, Letters of Credits, Bank Guarantees, Stand-by Letters of Credit and drafting of various kinds of documents including internal policies of the clients, rendering opinion of vast and diverse questions under various statutes. He appears regularly before Supreme Court of India, High Courts, and various Tribunals constituted under various laws. He was part of a team of lawyers involved in International Arbitrations conducted under the Rules of The International Chamber of Commerce and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre. He has further expanded his area of practice by working in the realm of Media laws.

While being a litigation lawyer throughout, he has worked on Corporate side and has rendered Opinions on important issues on validity of e-signatures/ Digital signatures under the Information & Technology Act, e-recruitment & disciplinary action processes; drafted & vetted various arbitration clauses with specific emphasis of choice of law & choice of seat of arbitration.

A focused and result oriented approach coupled with strong understanding skills and providing apt & practical solutions to the clients, provides him maintain balance in maintaining client inter personal skills.